packing… like a boss!

I’m at a total loss for words.

4 months with one bag and I have SPACE LEFT O_o

and there is nothing that comes to mind that I’m thinking; okay, so I can now take this too!
I never thought someone like me would say this but; starting on time works!
3 weeks ago I started reading up on what I should be taking with me for such a trip. I had absolutely no clue. Travelling through 3 South-American countries, Brazil, Peru and Bolivia (and a possible fourth if I will stay longer in New York…) without ever having been there and with different climates made it very hard to figure what I should be taking.

Of all the things I thought I should be taking, I kept asking myself; will I really need it?
what convinced me not to take certain things was the thought that I’m going to a continent where most things are twice, three times as cheap as here.
and everything I would buy there instead of buying it here to bring to South-America will be a nice souvenir too. the only things I really am bringing from home are the things I cannot find there, or are of much better quality to buy here.
another very convincing argument to not bring stuff of which I wasn’t sure it would be essential is that I can predict touring around will be 10 times more comfortable without dragging along a whole lot of crap. I consciously decided not to get a big bag for that reason; the more space, the more you want to stuff it.

but without further ado; this is what I’m packing:

2 sweaters
2 shorts
1 skirt
1 pair of trousers
3 tops
2 t-shirts
1 dress
1 pyjama
8 undies
3 bra’s
8 socks
soap to wash clothes
micro-fiber towel
washing equipment
toothbrush & toothpaste
wet towlettes
medical kit (Painkiller (dafalgan), anti inflammatory pills (ibuprofen) immodium, loperamide, probiotics, motilium, insect repellant, insect bite cream, sunscreen, burn cream, desinfectant, band aids, blister band aids)
3 books

sewing kit
camelbag (2liter water bag)
compressible water bottle
sleeping sack (=much smaller thing inside a sleeping bag)
earplugs and mask
inflatable pillow
walking shoes
teva sandals


(old) smartphone
superbasic phone
(old) Ipod
pocket knife
electronics (chargers, plugconverter, bankthingy)

we’ll see what I’m gonna feel like I REALLY should have brought, and what I’ll feel I really shouldn’t… (my bet is on the notebook…)

but right now I’m pretty I’m prepared and ready for…



things I lost after 4 months:

water bottle
microfiber towel
mini-sewing kit
another scarf bought in Bolivia
2 pair of underwear
4 different socks
inflatable pillow

a shocking amount, and almost all things I REALLY used all the time (i’m such a mess…)


Things I gave away (cause they were useless):

sleeping sack
books (traded them for others)


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