Anti-vaccination and the Tragedy of the Commons

For almost a year now I have been diving in, and have been kicked out of several anti-vaccination Facebook groups. There is an ever growing community of people who refuse to vaccinate against diseases like Measles, Chicken Pox, Tetanus, Polio, HPV,… It’s become so big that the World Health Organization even named vaccine hesitancy one… Read More Anti-vaccination and the Tragedy of the Commons

Is our “Digibesitas” giving us Technophobia?

(This article previously appeared in Dutch on Knack – Datanews) The tendency to curse smartphones isn’t new. But I am becoming fed up with the articles, cartoons and art that are going for the low hanging fruit of bashing new media technology. From criticizing the display of personal life on social media and fishing for… Read More Is our “Digibesitas” giving us Technophobia?