Is our “Digibesitas” giving us Technophobia?

(This article previously appeared in Dutch on Knack – Datanews) The tendency to curse smartphones isn’t new. But I am becoming fed up with the articles, cartoons and art that are going for the low hanging fruit of bashing new media technology. From criticizing the display of personal life on social media and fishing for… Read More Is our “Digibesitas” giving us Technophobia?

Corporate website-Facism and the Reddit revolt

Reddit’s foundations are crumbling. Disturbances are happening within the headquarters and the leadership. The frontpage of the internet is in anarchy. As most of my friends know, I’m often on Reddit. that massive forum that calls itself (often rightfully) the frontpage of the internet. I love observing the community. I enjoy how it resembles a real… Read More Corporate website-Facism and the Reddit revolt