I am Nathalie, a Belgian internet night crawler with an interest in the digital society.
I first obtained my BA and MA in Political Science, specialising in drone warfare (for which I was quoted far too young in a New York Times article, which has been hanging over me as an unobtainable goal ever since :)). I gained an LLM on the Law and Politics of International Security in 2013, specializing in cyberwarfare, and have been actively involved in cybersecurity. I worked at the national CERT on cyber awareness and at the national cybersecurity centre of Belgium on capacity building in the government. After a brief stint in the private sector, I became an associate analyst at the EU Institute for Security Studies where I provided research support for the EU’s cyberdiplomacy’s endeavours. This position allowed me to deal with cybersecurity from a geopolitical level. Since February 2021, I am a full-time doctoral researcher at the Vrije Universiteit Brussels, where I am connected to IMEC-SMIT and the Brussels School of Governance, and am an affiliate researcher at the Hannah Arendt Institute. My doctoral research titled “Prevention of securitization of contentious content through architectural interventions on online platform” will focus on platform governance, the organic spread of misinformation and online radicalisation.

I very much enjoy being a transdisciplinary scholar of all security things related to the internet.

This digital space mostly contains my (less academic) trains of thought that were boiling inside of me and I had to get rid of somewhere. Publications, press and expert commentary can be found on my Pure profile page of the university.

I usually post in English, Soms schrijf ik ook in het Nederlands. Sorry!

As a globetrotting social creature, I used to blog a lot during travels, often less about locations and more about perceptions and experience. While these posts perhaps do not make my blog seem very professional, these travels have significantly shaped my perspectives on conflict and society. I therefore still hold them in this space, exposing some of my private life and thoughts to whoever feels like wasting time reading my young and naive backpack adventures.

To connect with me, follow me on twitter!

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